AirMind Thinker

Convert any display panel into a GIANT Tablet

The leader of all corporate collaboration tools out there, AirMind Thinker – is complete with an in-built computer, seamless-touch interactivity, camera for Video Conferencing, a host of apps and a microphone. It can transform any display panel into an interactive touch screen – like a giant tablet.

Ultra Sleek Unibody Design

AirMind Thinker is a sleek device that can transform any display panel into into a full fledged touch interactive panel. It is a revolutionary collaboration tool with a combination of the world’s most advanced AI and Machine Learning.

Seamless Video Conferencing Solution

Equipped with a high resolution camera and microphone, you will be a part of meetings happening anywhere in the world. Video conference with anyone, anytime, anywhere with AirMind Thinker as it’s compatible compatible withany device.

InteractivityOn Demand.

With it’s sleek, light weight design, AirMind Thinker can turn any surface into an interactive canvas without any external devices. Writing/drawing feels as natural as on a regular board. Once you plug it in, it automatically calibrates the surface without you having to do it manually every single time.

Powered by Flow App

AirMind Thinker comes loaded with Flow App which enables team members to truly collaborate as one. With it, the team can write, illustrate and annotate their ideas on their device and share it with the rest of the team. The session can be saved and accessed at anytime.