Thinker View

AI-Enabled Collaboration Camera
for Modern Work Spaces

Bring Remote
Teams Closer

Remote work comes with the proven benefits of high performance and lower costs. Taking advantage of it, organizations are offering the flexibility of work from home to bring their teams closer with the right tools to collaborate.

Thinker View enables enterprise-level Video Conferencing on any standard display or panel. Integrated with powerful hardware and built-in AI sensors, the device makes sure each participant in the huddle space is seen and heard well.

Bring Life to your Video and Audio Calls via AI-enabled Technology

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Crisp & Crystal-Clear Sound

Too loud and not audible are the words that mars the meeting room discussion. With built-in 4 beamforming mics over a 16-core AI DSP, Thinker View captures and amplifies the voice, even when you are speaking normally. The processor automatically calculates the direction of your voice and cancels any echo or vibrations from the environment, so your team hears your crystal-clear voice without you shouting in the screen or changing positions.


Every word captured with remarkable clarity


Get rid of distracting background noise

Omni-directional Pick up Pattern

The omnidirectional response of beamforming MEMS Microphone captures the sound coming from any direction including moving source, boosts it, and makes it audible to everyone. The powerful MEMS mic array has a pickup range of up to 5 meters while for acoustically designed meeting space, it can be extended up to 20 meters. So that participants can be heard from anywhere in the meeting room, eliminating the necessity to come closer to the mic while talking.

Industry’s Leading Audio Visual Technology with Intelligent DSP Chip

Capture Better in any Set up

Look your best every time you collaborate virtually, even if the room has dim, flickering, or more brightness. The low distortion lens and ultra HD 1080p optics deliver an amazing video quality in any set up. The USB powered device is highly compatible with any modern workspace or huddle room.

Fit perfectly in an ultra-wide frame

Joining meeting in a huddle space or from your new found SOHO? Don’t worry about leaning back or adjusting the position to fit in the frame. Just focus on your meeting, rest we have taken care of.

The 110-degree ultra-wide-angle captures the participants without any distance issues, so, no matter how near or far you are from the camera, you will fit perfectly.

Pick a variant of Thinker VC solution
that suits you the best


Compatible with Windows® and macOS® devices.


Beamforming MEMS Microphone gives an omnidirectional response.


Suppresses the undesirable background noise.


Captures you perfectly in any light setup.

Beamforming MEMS Microphone gives an omnidirectional response.


A plug and play device that gets connected to the PC/laptop/panel via I/O Micro USB.


Supports CUI to transcript Speech to Text.

Integrated Design for Intelligent Conferencing

Integrated with 1080p Camera and Quad MEMS beamforming microphone array, Thinker View has an ultra-sleek unibody design built that’s easy to integrate in any setup and instantly elevates the meeting room’s aesthetic appeal.

As simple as Plug in and Go

A plug and play device that gets installed in as less as 5 minutes. Connected to the PC/laptop/panel via I/O Micro USB, the device allows quick connection without any fumbling with color-coded cables or multiple plugs. It gets fixed on the display through EZ Mounting without any drill or special tools.

Compatible with Collaboration Tools

Thinker View is compatible with all the major collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, Slack, and Microsoft Teams so that in-house and remote team remain connected any time. Thinker View has all the tools needed to deliver a streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing for every meeting size.

Thinker View detailed specification sheet

Explore the other Variants in Thinker Series

Thinker Connect

Enjoy Interactive whiteboard capabilities and video conferencing on any display with just one cable to Windows laptop/PC


A Thinker variant with built-in computer, wide-angle camera and microphone array for collaboration and video conferencing.

Thinker View

A video conferencing solution of Thinker with a wide-angle camera and microphone array.